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Our promotional services offer academic credibility with massive social media outreach and at highly competitive prices . CLICK HERE  for set package details on: what you get; how it works; what it costs. We also offer bespoke pick and mix options, with add-ons, as required. In 2017 we worked with two publishers, one MA provider, three conferences, one language school and a British Council ELTons award winner - 2018 is likely to be even  more busy as more and more people recognise what we can do for them.  Huw Jarvis also offers a research support service for bids, journal submissions and PhD proposals.   


Reach your client base and get your product or service onto:

our website which is core to what we do and attracts many 1,000s of visitors from all over the world;

our closed Facebook page which is one of the largest in TESOL with over 12,000+ members;

our Twitter feed with over 2,800+ members and massive additional outreach through relevant #tags - our impression stats for Sept-Oct 2017 were 34,200 CLICK HERE for details;

our LinkenIn connections of over 2,000;

our YouTube channel which from 7th Oct. 2016 to 6th Oct. 2017 had 36,082 views (only available for Featured Publications).


Our diverse outlets can help:

get your TESOL product or service to market;   

increase participants to and the impact of your conference, workshop, or symposium;

generate applicants for your MA TESOL \ Applied Linguistics course; we reach many teachers who are looking to upgrade and enhance their qualifications - Huw Jarvis as a former Admissions Tutor and Programme Leader is well-placed to work with you on this;

with a staffing campaign for you - many in our network are looking for that next job and we have experience of dedicated and focused recruitment;   

get a specific book to market with a talk by the author on our YouTube channel and\or raise the profile and presence of publisher's portfolio of products we reach decision makers with book budgets, our You Tube talks offer a successful model which was originally established 10 years ago;   

encourage applicants for all kinds of courses from niche specialisms to more generic provision, from CELTA or Cert TESOL to DELTA or Dip TESOL - we reach those who are looking to up their qualifications;

set up and\or channel participants onto your blog, Facebook page, webinar, Twitter #chat - we build a social media presence for you;

by attending exhibitions and conferences on your behalf. Huw Jarvis has over 20 years of experience of this;

with much more - just ask!


Here's what you get, how it works and how much our standard packages cost


IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't sign up to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube Ads. Our Services are dedicated to supporting and promoting you in more focused ways. This means that our website and social media channels are free from unsolicited ads and pop ups.

Here's OUR STORY from Jarvis, H. (2017) ‘ - our ever changing story.’ ELT Research. Vol. 31. pp. 39-41. 


We support, free of charge: researchers; language teachers; MA\PhD students; organisations etcetera in the data gathering stages of their work.  In some circumstances we can work with your institution through a partnership arrangement to play a more active role in:  bidding for research funding; formulation of the issue and the research instruments; publication outputs including managing submission to peer-review journals; other dissemination and discussion channels.  We also accept clearly defined commissions from individuals who need some support in such areas.   As a former Senior Lecturer in TESOL at a British University Huw Jarvis, site founder and editor, has extensive experience in these areas.  



We pride ourselves on our commitment to TESOL-based knowledge building and we are pleased to use our extensive social network outreach to help with the data collection stages of your research.  

Join our Facebook group and post relevant questions. Where applicable, e.g. with on-line questionnaires, we are happy to Tweet your survey.  Notes unless this activity is part of a research partnership service: a)-  we do not provide advice on literature reviews, organisation of work, methodology, viability of your study etc. -  for this, where applicable, you will need an academic tutor or research mentor b)- we reserve the right to remove any material which we consider ill-conceived and\or unethical, without negotiation c) we ask that you fully acknowledge the role of in the published study. 



Huw Jarvis, also undertakes course\resource book reviews, media inputs, talks, workshops, panel appearances and guest lectures.


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